THANK YOU! To all our customers for there continued support of our training program.
You are the inspiration behind everything we do. Without you, our success would not be possible!


Crome Rimsn Spinners
Custom Crome X Miss Great Red Pine

Sold to Hans and Claudia Hofmann


Gallo Del Ceilo X Doc Poco Julie

Sold To Cheryl Koenig-McKay (agent ) Bill Norwood


Walla Walla Smarts
Walla Walla Whiz X Ms Peppy Mint Chip

Sold to Carly Thompson (agent) Bill Bowen


Wimpys Little Step X Cee Miss Hollywood

sold to Clinton Anderson


Benz Dealer
Smart Starbuck X Brooks and Dunit

Sold to Germany, Adi Wagner (agent)


Cromes My Daddy
Custom Crome X Miss Masota Blair

 sold to Stoney and Stuart Russell


Forgotten Gun
Colonels Smoking Gun X Forgotten Freckles


Smart Chic Olena X Tejons Tinina Bar

sold to Bill Arens


Juiced At The Bar
Smart Like Juice X Blonde At The Bar

Sold to Steve Archer (agent)


Smart Smoken Alice
 Colonels Smoking Gun X Smart Aleck Lena

Mistress Gotta Gun

Sold To Todd Martin (agent) after Stefan Hoelzl
made the Non Pro Futurity Finals 2010 on her
and also the Non Pro Finals at the 2010 SWRHA Futurity