My experience showing horses taught me that the closest and safest position on a horse was at the withers. This position allows you to move with the horse even when the horse decides to do a 180 degree turn," says Bob.

"Knowing that position is essential to performance. I have designed each of our saddles to place you close to the pocket created by the horse's shoulders and withers. The ground seat in our saddles puts you, when fit without a saddle pad, close to the horse's back. Our fenders are designed to hang directly beneath you and allows you to sit up directly over your feet and maintain your balance even when you stand up in your stirrups or sit straight down. Any other design would tip your torso, thus changing the position of your thigh and preventing you from having the maximum ability to swing your legs forward or back," he continues.

Bob's offers many saddle styles and options. The fairest way to decide which Bob's best fits your needs is to call one of our fine dealers or see us at an upcoming horse show or event.


LEAD, DON’T FOLLOW. Since 1996, the Cinch Clothing brand has been creating quality jeans and shirts for western men both in and out of the arena. Some of the best athletes from the rodeo, bull riding and equine performance circles love Cinch jeans and shirts because of the quality fit and the authentic western look.

Whether fashion basics or premium styles, the designs and reputation of Cinch Jeans make Cinch Clothing the number one choice for those who live and breathe the western way of life.

From collared shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves to outerwear and athletic gear to fashion-forward western jeans, the Cinch brand puts fit and styling first.



Whether you’re mountain hiking or exploring the urban jungle, make your adventure last - use a military grade, 100% American made, ICEHOLE High-Performance Cooler.

For hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or tailgating,ICEHOLEis the new standard - keep your ice, food, and drinks colder longer. It’s the perfect gift to use at a game, mountain biking, or a concert. Built to last for that long expedition or unexpected power outage, whatever you call that sporting equipment you use to hold ice – a premium cooler, a sports cooler, cool box, portable ice chest -ICEHOLE is better by design. Featuring interlocking non-skid feet, an exclusive freezer seal design, and latches from the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle,ICEHOLE is an investment in outdoor fun built to be tough. To prove it, everyICEHOLE Cooler comes with a limited lifetime warranty


Quality and Service, the by-words of Pard's Western Shop. We, at Pards, are serious about providing quality merchandise and service to horsemen everywhere. Established in the fall of 1968, Pard's has grown from a very small tack store to a corporation with two stores, a catalog division, a mobile operation and a website servicing not only America's horsemen but the horsemen of the world. Over those 30+ years, we have realized that our success would depend upon our customers coming back year after year. Back then, our customers became our friends - they still are today. The quality of our merchandise has meant happy customers, but we have continued to go a step further offering assistance and service from our staff, who are experts in their areas. Please feel free to call them and ask for their help!

It's this simple: we have your size - the correct size. We have the size which fits perfectly both from the heel to toe and through your instep. The Rod Patrick Bootmakers® legacy was established on crafting impeccably made boots. Our motto: life's too short to wear boots that don't fit. Consider the logic of this bold statement. A correctly fitted boot alleviates joint pain, allowing the body to stride at a natural gait. A correctly fitted boot wears evenly, never compensating for pinch points. A correctly fitted boot is comfortable through long days, with no need to massage cramped toes upon removal.

Rod Patrick Bootmakers® loves the challenge of those who are "hard to fit". It's this simple: it's because you have never had the options we offer. Rod Patrick Bootmakers® is the only bootmaker to offer sizes 4 to 17 and ten different widths (EEE, EE, E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, AAAA) which when combined, create the correctly fitted boot. Visit your nearest Rod Patrick Bootmakers®DEALERfor your custom fit.


At Schutz Brothers, Inc., we're proud of the horse equipment that we make, and we will be honored to be your supplier of western horse tack. We've created rugged working and training tack for the western horse, that has been designed to fit correctly and stand up to years of use and abuse, by working closely with the nation's top trainers and leading leather tanneries.

Our show horse tack and equipment line continues to grow and offers fashionable styling andquality construction fit for competition atall levels.


If you want a custom made Western Cowboy Hat that is handmade with dedication to create the best Cowboy Hatyou can buy, then Shorty’s Caboy Hattery is the place for you to buy your Custom Cowboy Hat.We are dedicated to the TRUE tradition of the Western Cowboy.You can trust that your Cowboy Hat will be hand crafted and made to fit you.