Gabe Hutchins grew up in Angola Indiana. Angola is located in Steuben County, which is known for it’s 101 fresh water lakes. When most kids were learning how to ski and wakeboard, Gabe was on top of a horse every second that he could. Horses have been a part of his life from day one. At a young age his passion for horses took control of his interests in life. Both his mother and father were very active in western disciplines which caught Gabe’s eye. 

At the age of nine, Gabe began to compete in local AQHA and 4-H levels. Halter and Pleasure horses started his show career. In high school he was looking for something a little bit faster paced, and that’s when he discovered High school rodeo. Team roping and team penning quickly became the sports that would introduce Gabe into reining. After graduating from high school, college was important, but so was being involved with horses. An equine science degree would make the most sense or Hutchins. In 2000 Gabe enrolled at the University of Findlay, in Findlay Ohio. 

Since Ohio is the birth place of reining, it was in the air. Gabe caught his first glance at reining in Findlay. A man by the name of Shawn Flardia offered an internship to Gabe during Findlays student spring break. After spending two weeks with NRHA’S only four million dollar rider, Hutchins had found his true passion with horses. At the end of the first semister, Hutchins returned to Shawns and was hired on as summer help. After progressing at an excelled pace in Flarida’s program, a hard decision was on Gabe’s plate. Gabe decided to stay on with Shawn Flarida Reining Horses, instead of returning to Findlay.

As the number two man right behind Shawn, Gabe began his career as a professional horse trainer in 2001. Working for Shawn helped Gabe to quickly make a name in the NRHA scene. Hutchins was given some great impunities in only his second year of showing, where he made the open finals on two horses at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

In 2004 Gabe decided that Hutchins Performance horses should open the doors to the public, and that’s when it all began. In just six years Hutchins has become one of NRHA’S top 20 riders. Gabe has made the finals at every major event, with many titles behind his name. In 2007 is when it really started to take off for Gabe. He was the youngest rider at the age of 27 to win the USEF Open Championships in Lexington, KY. He also added the Intermediate Open Futurity Res. Champion. Gabe now has 300,000+ NRHA earnings to his name after ten years of competing.

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First Learn To Ride

When did you first learn to ride?

First Start in Reining

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When did you first start Reining?


Shawn Flarida
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